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Structural Ingenuity

The structure that tests the limits of cans & physics. 

Best Meal

The structure that offers the best variety of food; carbs, protein, veggies. 

Best Original Design

The structure that provides the most visual impact. 

People's Choice

The structure that receives the most votes from the people. 

Best Use of Labels

The structure with the most use of colors and the food labels to create their visual

Most Cans

The structure with the most cans by weight (as measured by St Mary's Foodbank)


 Jurors' scores for each structure, each category are recorded on judging. Note: How each structure relates to the Event Theme will be scored under 'First Impression / Overall Design'. The scores are then taken and weighted for each award. Each award has a related scoring category (Best Use of Labels is related to Attention to Detail / Label Usage, etc) but, note that every scoring category factors into each award, just with significantly lower weights- Original Design (as well as Most Can's, and People's Choice) are stand alone awards. The scoring above is used as a guide for the judges to review structures and award winning structures. Often in close competitions, the two top structures are a functional tie (see Best Use of Labels above) and the judges make the final determination. Honorable Mentions are awarded to teams that rank 2nd or 3rd in all categories but don't win a specific award.

Judging Spreadsheet Image
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