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Build Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

Size of Structure - Maximum structure size = 10ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H (3m L [3m W x 3m H)

Size of Build Team - Maximum team size= five (5) builders at a time

Build out Time - Maximum build out time = twelve (12) hours


Non Permissible Items:

  • NO glass containers or alcoholic beverages

  • NO junk food (e.g. candy, chips, etc.) or pet food

  • NO opened, exposed or expired food/beYerage

  • NO covered, removed or altered can/product labels

  • NO empty cans or plastic bottles/containers


Permissible Items:

  • Full, unopened, canned food of all sizes with labels intact/unaltered

  • Full, unopened, beverage cans of all sizes with labels intact (NO alcoholic beverages)

  • Full, unopened, plastic bottles/containers of food/beverage with labels intact/unaltered

  • Use of boxes, bags and packets of food is acceptable; however, cans must be used for the majority of the structure

Building Materials:

Non Permissible Items:

  • NO wood or metal beams, struts, steel tubes or bracing materials

  • NO leveling materials (templates) greater than 1/4” thick (6mm) § NO sheet metal, steel plates, Fiberock, or glass

  • NO permanent adhesives or bonding process (soldering,etc)


Permissible Items: (provided they do not damage cans or labels)

  • Velcro, magnets, zip-ties, tape, silicone

  • Rubber bands, nylon string, wire mesh or wire

  • Wood or steel rods, PVC pipe, threaded metal rods

  • Leveling materials (templates) not greater than 1/4" thick (6mm) (samples of approved leveling materials are: cardboard, foam-core, Masonite, MDF, plywood, plexiglass, fiberglass)


Structures MUST be supported internally and externally by canned food and/or beverage cans between leveling materials. Props- Props may be used; however, it is best to solve design problems with food items. (if you must use props try to make them out of food items such as tea or coffee bags, condiment packets, etc.) Lighting, mirrors, electronic devices are acceptable but may reduce a structure's chance of winning the International Competition.

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